Package Basic Standard Premium
Price Free £1.99* £3.99*
Duration( in Weeks) 4 5 6
Number of Pictures 5 8 12
Statistics Yes Yes Yes
Slide Show Yes Yes Yes
Eye Magnet No Yes Yes
Page one Advertisement No No Yes

Note: *All Prices are Including VAT

The three packages on offer are designed to give you the best way to show of your vehicle(s). So what is different between the packages?

1. Basic

The basic package is the most affordable of the ExVtra packages. At no cost, it has a duration of four weeks and allows you to add up to 5 images of the vehicle to your ad, which can be shown in slideshow.

2. Standard

This package gives you 5 weeks to advertise your car for only £1.99. In addition to the basic package it also includes a selling tool, the eye magnet . The eye magnet shows the ads on the search results enlarged, highlighted with colour and a clearer structure that helps your ad to stand out.

3. Premium

The Premium package includes not only the eye magnet but also the page one advertising, which will list your ad on the first page of the search results if your vehicle matches the potential buyer’s search criteria. If there are more than three page one ads that fit the search criteria, the ads presented are selected at random from all the page one advertisements. For £3.99 this package has a duration of 6 weeks and also allows you to show up to 12 images of your vehicle, including slideshow.